WiFi Solutions

Get the most out of your WiFi with faster speeds.

What WiFi solutions do we offer?

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Improved WiFi Speed & Signal

Don’t struggle with sluggish WiFi
Whether you’re working from home or using the web to stream your favourite shows, there’s no need to put up with sluggish WiFi speeds. We’ll work with you to find the best way to boost your existing internet provision and ensure you have reliable, fast access to the web.

Point to Point WiFi Solutions

Spread your WiFi network across large areas or multiple buildings without compromising on speed and signal quality.
Whether you want to extend your WiFi to your garden office or man-cave, or need reliable connectivity across a large area, our Point to Point WiFi Solutions could be the answer. We’ll set up a single high-speed connection in an optimal location, and then use top-of-the-range kit to establish connection points across your required area, with no need for metres of messy cables.

Moving Router Position

Struggling for signal where you need it most? We can help.
Moving your WiFi router can give your internet a much-needed boost with minimal hassle. We’ll work with you to understand your internet usage and where you need the strongest signal and then find the perfect place to relocate your router, with no need for messy cables.